About Our Coffee

We are a single-estate farm at 1,350' elevation that only uses all-natural methods. Many of the "Kona-Typica" coffee trees on our farm are close to a century old and have been tended to by hand for generations, making them some of the original trees that helped to make Kona coffee world famous.

We continue that tradition today, picking only the ripest cherries by hand, sun-drying and fresh roasting our coffee before shipping it directly to you. Our focus on quality over quantity produces some of the finest coffee in the world, roasted to order.


An original Kona-Typica Arabica coffee tree, planted directly into lava rock on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano over a century ago. It is just one of the many trees like it on our old-growth farm.

  • All of our coffee is from our single-estate farm in Captain Cook, Hawaii within the district of South Kona.

  • We only select the ripest, reddest cherries by hand.

  • Once harvested, we either "Wet" or "Honey" process our coffee and sun-dry the beans. This takes significantly longer and requires more labor than tumble dryers but nothing worth doing is easy.

  • After the coffee is dried, it is milled to remove the remaining parchment and is then sorted by Hawaiian standard grades. At this point, the beans are known as "green" coffee and ready for resting.
  • Quality cannot be rushed and our beans are rested for a minimum of three months before roasting.

  • To ensure even roasting, the rested green coffee is roasted by individual grade.


Our 2012 Third Place Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Competition, Classic Division Award from when we were known as Princess Radha Farm. We changed our name in 2019 to Hawaiian Mana Farm to show our belief in the Mana or power of nature.

  • All orders are roasted, packed and shipped within 1-2 business days.

  • It takes about 3 to 5 days for coffee to develop to it's potential after roasting which means your coffee should be ready for brewing by the time it arrives.

  • Look for our "roasted on" date stamp with each order!

Air Roasted on date stamp.png